Portal Wargaming Club

Welcome to Portal Wargaming Club

Before you stands a great whirling vortex, a portal to a realm where combatants battle it out for supremacy not on the field of battle with real lives at stake but over gaming tables where the armies are made of plastic, metal or card, where fate lies in the hands of the general and his skill and the luck of a dice roll or the flip of a card!!

Portal Wargaming Club was established in 2010 and has opened its doors weekly ever since to wargamers and collectible gaming hobbyists. We welcome all to join our ever-growing community and our weekly meetings are open to members and non-members alike! (Session Admission Fee Applies)

Starting in June 2015 Portal Wargaming: Project Lazarus has seen the Club's Weekly session reborn in a new time slot and in a new location. Our Thursday evening meeting sees around 40 eager gamers join us for a variety of activities such as open play, organised leagues and tournaments.